The Top 5 Dog-Friendly Beaches on Hilton Head

Are you a dog owner who lives on Hilton Head? Perhaps you’re a traveler who’s planning a visit with your canine companion. Either way, one of your favorite things about the island is bound to be the dog-friendly beaches. It’s worth noting that during peak season (between Memorial and Labor Days), pups are only allowed along these waterfront stretches before 10 a.m. and after 5 p.m. That said, when the scenery is this beautiful, a morning or evening walk is always a great idea!

If you’re looking for the perfect beach for you and your best friend, check out one of the top five in Hilton Head…

1) Burkes Beach

Burkes Beach is one of our favorite places to enjoy some sand and sun on the island. Dog owners are especially fond of this scenic stretch of shoreline, thanks to its canine-friendly policies. Your pooch will love frolicking here, and you’ll love the beautiful Atlantic Ocean views! As a bonus, nearby Chaplain Community Park has its own off-leash area to explore—which can mean even more playtime for active pups.

2) Coligny Beach

It’s easy to see why Coligny Beach is so popular. From its attractive boardwalk to its beach-chair seating to its free WiFi, this local hotspot really has it all. It’s also a great place for dogs and the people who adore them. Take your best friend out for some exercise, watch as they enjoy a refreshing dip, then rest together in the shade of the nearby gazeebo.

3) Alder Lane Beach

Alder Lane Beach isn’t as busy as many other sections of shoreline on the island, making it a quieter option for local sun-seekers. Your pooch will have plenty of space to get active here, while you’ll enjoy a bit of solitude. Then there’s the convenience factor. At Alder Lane, you’ll find metered parking, restrooms, and even showers for those who want to rinse off after a swim. Access is located off of Forest Beach Drive.

4) Folly Field Beach

Not far from the entrance to Folly Field Beach Park, there’s a sandy strip that you’ll love as much as your pup does. A big part of the appeal of this stretch is the wooded area that surrounds it. Between the lush greenery and the residential vibe along Starfish Road (the area’s main point of access), Folly Field Beach has a secluded feel that’s perfect for energetic pooches. Trust us when we say, this gem is worth the trip!

5) Fish Haul Creek Beach

Fish Haul Creek Beach is a great place to indulge your dog’s adventurous side. Your furry friend is free to explore off-leash here, and there are plenty of tide pools for them to sniff around. Luckily, the beach is just as enjoyable for dog owners as it is for their pets. Check out the observation deck, take a seat at one of the picnic tables, or try out the binocular machine. Just be sure to enjoy the stunning view of Port Royal Sound while you’re there!

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