5 Ways You Can Help Your Community During the Coronavirus

Coronavirus disease COVID-19 has affected all of our daily lives. Not only has it affected our lives, but it has hurt every local business, restaurant, and non-profit in our community. We are living in uncertain times with government officials telling us to stay home and social distance so that we can keep our loved ones safe. As we remain safe and keep our families healthy, our local businesses and non-profits that we cherish are suffering. 

This uncertainty has left many feeling lonely with little to do to stay occupied. The positive side is that we have more time to spend with our immediate family and catch up with friends on platforms like Zoom and social media. Our free time also gives us a chance to help our neighbors and local businesses. We put together a list of things you and your family can do to help our community during these unprecedented and trying times. 

How to Help Hilton Head Businesses and Charities During COVID-19

Local charities 

We may not be able to give our time by being present, but we can call non-profits and ask if they need our time in other ways. Maybe we can help them with their social media or make phone calls for them. We can give our yearly donations now, and consider giving a bit more this year. Animal shelters always need blankets, towels, and dog food. You can let them know you will be leaving your donation at the door so that you won’t come in contact with anyone keeping them and you safe. 

Another way you can help animal shelters is by fostering pets or even adopting. Quite a few people have recently fostered pets and then decided to adopt them.  

Local restaurants 

There are a few ways you can help local restaurants. Many restaurants in Hilton Head are providing curbside delivery. You can order breakfast, lunch, and dinner from your favorite restaurants. You can order a meal for a friend or neighbor. This is a great way to brighten someone’s day during these difficult times. Another way you can help your local restaurants is by purchasing gift certificates. Hand out restaurant gift certificates to friends, family, and neighbors. 

Restaurant Crowdfunds-find out if your local restaurants have created a crowdfund for their staff. This way, you can help the wait staff stay on their feet until the restaurant reopens. Find out which restaurants are providing curbside pick-up here. 

Local stores

Local businesses are suffering, but there are ways we can help them as well. You can buy a few gift cards and give them to friends, family, and neighbors. If you have a niece or cousin that is lonely and needs a boost, send him or her a gift card from one of our wonderful local stores. Community

Local hospitals and health care workers

There are a few things you can do to help your local hospitals. You can order lunch or dinner for the hospital staff from a local restaurant. A box of brownies or fruit can go a long way in raising spirits. A couple of essential things hospitals need today are masks and gloves. If you have extra gloves or masks, you may want to consider donating them to a local hospital. 


If you have elderly neighbors, check in on them by calling. Make sure they are okay. Help them feel connected by Facetiming or talking on the phone. Ask if they need anything from the supermarket or drugstore. If they do, you can drop groceries off at their door or help them order groceries online. 

Another way you can help our community is by purchasing a Sea Pines Cares Package. The Sea Pines Resort has created a special package of discounts that will raise funds for resort employees whose jobs have been affected by COVID-19, a portion of the proceeds from the Sea Pines Cares Package will go to the RBC Heritage Classic Foundation, which raises about $3 million dollars a year for local charities. 

Social distancing

One of the best ways you can help your community today is proper social distancing. Stay home, don’t go to social gatherings, or host social gatherings. You can go for a walk and follow the CDC guidelines about the proper way to social distance. The most important thing is that we all stay healthy and safe during this pandemic. We will get through this challenging time together.