The 5 Best Things About Waterfront Living on Hilton Head

The 5 Best Things About Waterfront Living on Hilton Head

Property on the water is a hot commodity here on Hilton Head, and it’s no wonder. Blessed with long stretches of gorgeous oceanfront—not to mention scenic sounds and creeks—the island truly is the perfect place to enjoy the waterfront lifestyle. While some residents have their own private homes on the beach, others are content just to live near some of the most beautiful coastline in the world.

Dreaming of waterfront living on Hilton Head? Wondering if the lifestyle is worth the hype—and whether it’s right for you? If so, take a moment to consider the top five benefits of buying a home near the water here on the island…


1) The variety of beaches

One of the best things about living in a waterfront community is the easy access to beaches. And when it comes to Hilton Head, there’s no shortage of options. From the always lively Coligny Beach to the truly serene Burkes Beach, the island offers a little bit of something for every lover of sand and sun. If you’re thinking of purchasing a place on or near the ocean, think about what type of beach appeals most to you. Remember that many of Hilton Head’s gated communities contain private stretches of sand, and each one has its own distinct character.


2) Year-round beachfront walks

This point is directly connected to the last one, but we feel like we have to call your attention to it anyway. Waterfront living is about far more than swimming and boating. It’s about taking in the scenery. The Atlantic Ocean and the wildlife it nurtures is truly majestic, and living on Hilton Head means you can enjoy it at any time of the year. Thanks to the island’s temperate climate, strolling in comfort on even the coolest days of the year is as easy as throwing on a cardigan or light jacket.


3) There are so many ways to enjoy the water

Do you love to stay active? If so, you’re bound to be impressed by the sheer number of ways you can enjoy the water on Hilton Head. If kayaking is your thing, there’s a wide variety of places to explore—from the Calibogue Sound (where dolphins roam) to Skull Creek (a wonderful body of water for birdwatching). Other popular activities include (but certainly aren’t limited to) paddleboarding, parasailing, and boating. Whatever you’re into, you’ll find places to rent top-of-the-line equipment around the island.


4) The fantastic fishing spots

Need another reason to embrace waterfront living? Three words: great fishing spots. On Hilton Head, you’ll find them in abundance. For year-round saltwater fishing, visit the pier on Pickney Island. If you’re interested in catching redfish, Palmetto Dunes Lagoon is a fantastic local go-to. Jarvis Creek Park is a great spot for largemouth bass (just be aware that there’s a catch-and-release program in effect). Whether you’re a seasoned angler or you just like to cast the odd line, you’ll love fishing in the waters of Hilton Head.


5) Oyster season

Most people who like oysters love them, and these refreshing delicacies are at their best when they’re just out of the water. When they come from Beaufort County, they also have a distinct flavor that’s sweet, salty, and (in a word) incredible. We locals are so fond of them that we hold an annual festival in their honor! While there are many reasons to embrace living near the water in Hilton Head, seafood fans will definitely want to put fresh oysters near the top of their list!


Ready to learn more about waterfront living here on Hilton Head? Get in touch—we’d love to help you discover our communities, and what’s available in the real estate market!