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5 Tips For Selling a Home When You Have a Dog

Dog owners on Hilton Head are a devoted bunch. We love our pooches unconditionally, and we want them to be comfortable at all times—even when we’re selling our homes. At the same time, putting a property on the market is no simple task. It requires time, effort, and a whole lot of energy. Add a furry friend to the mix, and things can start to get downright complicated.

If you’re a dog owner who’s gearing up to sell your home, here are five tips to help ensure that the process is smooth…

1) Talk to your vet

No doubt about it, relocating can be stressful for pets. Fortunately, there’s someone you can always count on for advice: your vet. From tips for managing the transition to tools for highly-nervous pooches (like medication) there are all kinds of ways to reduce your dog’s anxiety when you’re moving. A professional who knows their history can ensure that you find the right one.

Your vet can also help with practical details if you’ll be settling into a new area—like finding out where to refill existing prescriptions.

2) Relocate your dog

We know it’s hard to be away from your best friend. But selling your home successfully may depend on it. The truth is, buyers want to focus on your property during a viewing—and even the most well-behaved dog can pose a distraction. Many home hunters aren’t even keen on purchasing a house or condo where pets have recently lived. Often, they’re envisioning hidden damage.

We strongly advise making alternate arrangements for your dog during showing periods. Your best option is to find a close friend or family member who’s willing to act as a temporary caregiver. If that’s not an option, look for a reputable dog hotel or boarding service. There are some great ones in Hilton Head, so hop online and start reading those reviews!

3) Scour Your Home

Few things turn buyers off quicker than dog hair, stains, and odors. That’s why we always suggest doing a full, honest-to-goodness cleaning before putting a home on the market. Start by searching each room carefully for stains. Don’t just check the obvious places—get a good look at that hard-to-reach carpeting. When you find a troublesome spot, treat it with a stain remover made especially for pet messes. Products with odor-fighting capabilities are especially helpful, since strong air fresheners are never wise to bring out before showings.

Next up, it’s time to tackle your dog’s little shedding problem. Even if you have a short-haired breed, vacuuming thoroughly is a must. Other tricks include using dryer sheets and pieces of masking tape to pick up stray hairs.

4) Assess your yard

There’s nothing better than having outdoor space where your four-legged friend can run around. On the flip side, there’s nothing worse than finding waste in your front or back yard. And we can pretty much guarantee that any potential buyer who notices it will be seriously turned off.

In preparation for a showing, we suggest doing a thorough assessment of your home’s exterior. Keep an eye out not only for waste, but for dead or yellow grass (which is often caused by urine) as well as turf damage. There are a few different ways that dogs can wreak havoc on a lawn, so keep your eyes peeled!

5) Ask a friend for help

It’s a universal truth about dog owners. They tend to stop noticing the smells and shedding caused by their beloved canines. For this reason, you should consider asking someone who doesn’t live in your home to do a walk-through. It could be a close friend or a neighbor, so long as they’re willing to be thorough and honest.

While it’s hard for many dog lovers to believe, some buyers just aren’t interested in a property once they know it’s been home to a pooch. Luckily, you can remove the signs that point to your furry family member in just a few steps—and make your living space more appealing in the process.

Have questions about selling a home on Hilton Head—with or without pets? Get in touch. We’ll walk you through the selling process and give you an idea of what to expect!