Selling a Home in Hilton Head

Selling a Home in Hilton Head Island, SC | Herman & Davis Properties


Make the most of a good investment, and let us help make your home look perfect. When it comes to selling a home in Hilton Head, we emphasize your home and the lifestyle it affords. It’s a combination of the award-winning golf courses, the exclusive clubhouses, and the wide sandy beaches.

Working with an agent on our team gives you much more than just someone to list your home. You get honest advice, local insight, and service that garners a better return. We’re Hilton Head’s experts in providing exceptional service, one-on-one support, and results you can trust.

Selling a home in Hilton Head is all about selling that luxurious Lowcountry lifestyle. We don’t just come into your home, set a price, and sell – we maximize your sale price with effective staging, key improvements, and negotiating expertise. Your home is often one of your biggest assets, and you should always expect more from it.

“We recently sold our Sea Pines home while living in another state. [Becky Herman & Monica Davis were] excellent…[they are] resourceful and efficient about finding the best people to provide home services and repairs. Everything was handled very professionally and timely. Our home was under contract within a month of being listed, and closed within 30 days of the signed contract.” – SOLD in Sea Pines


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[imgbox title=”Area Knowledge” img=”/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/area-knowledge.jpg”]We’ve been up to date on Hilton Head real estate since the island had a drawbridge! We’ve got deep local connections and unsurpassed knowledge of what happens in Hilton Head – how the market moves, how much homes sell for, and what you can expect when we sell yours. Whether you are thinking of selling in Sea Pine, Love Cove, Forest Beach or any of the other beautiful communities on Hilton Head we are you go to local real estate team.[/imgbox]

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Our process, your results. Let’s get started.

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Here’s how we help when it comes to selling a home in Hilton Head…

[section icon=”comment” title=”Communication” img=”/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/communication.jpg”]Communication is essential to us, because it leads to a smoother sale for you. Whether you’re in the area or across the country, we’re always committed to keeping you up to date. We’re here for you with a personalized approach that relies on reliable updates and quality results.[/section]

[section icon=”mouse-pointer” title=”Marketing Your Home” img=”/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/marketing-your-home.jpg”]We highlight the essential elements of luxury that buyers need to want to see when you’re selling a home in Hilton Head. We help your home shine so it can appeal to the right type of buyer. We do this with:

  • Professionally designed property flyers
  • Placing your home on
  • Promoting your property to local REALTORS®
  • Digital marketing service to promote your home online
  • Professional photography
  • Expert staging services


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Did we mention our luxury network?

Thanks to our partnership with Who’s Who In Luxury Real Estate, we have connections all around the globe. Find out more about how we’ll find your ideal buyer today.

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[section icon=”handshake-o” title=”Negotiating For You” img=”/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/negotiating.jpg”]Working in this market has given us a wealth of experience in negotiating for our clients. We know what to expect and how to work with others, and our network is large enough that our clients get to reap the results. We know how to get things done.[/section]

[section icon=”tag” title=”Let’s Start Selling” img=”/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/lets-start-selling.jpg”]Once we get the chance to meet, you’ll learn a little bit more about the real estate market and your home’s place in it. We’re here to make selling simpler, so that you can focus more on getting the best return possible when you’re selling a home in Hilton Head.[/section]